Changes To News Through-out HIstory

Dylan Suca Mario Scarcelli

Industrial Revolution

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When the printing press was invented in 1439 it allowed for the mass transmission of news. This was the start of newspapers and the ability for large quantities of people to learn of something at the same time.

Video Camera

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The video camera changed the face of news by allowing people to record news and broadcast it into televisions across America.


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Television made news into a daily ritual. This started the idea of not having to leave to learn about something outside. Thus people could decide what channel of news they wanted to knew, rather then have someone decide in the paper.

The Internet

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With the commercial internet we know of today, many thought little of the change. Yet this new medium allowed for huge amounts of data to be accessed by billions. Evolving the news to this new front required writers to find ways to earn money.

Phone Movement