Tropical Rainforest Bamboozle

Yeet, Yeet.


Listen here, Mac, this is a Tropical Rainforest, So I'ma tell you about it. Rainforests, see, are found at the thing Eggheads call, the Equator. It can get pretty hot, because of that Humidity and what 'not. It can receive between 68-78 inches of rainfall, see, causing a lot of Humidity. Temperatures can reach from 68-93 degrees, and maybe Higher! Don't let this discourage you, though, The animals you can find are quite the lookers, such as the Bengal Tiger, Hippopotamus, and the Eastern Gorilla.
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Temperatures in this, er, swell place, I should say, can reach to 68-93 degrees. Wow! That's hot, and pretty humid.
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See, you can find many animals in this Hot place. These are, but are not limited to at all...:The Bengal Tiger, Eastern Gorilla and orangutans, Binturongs and Bonobos.
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What you'll need.

Alright, Old Chap, you'll need a few things before heading off on your Adventure. First off, Insecticides, to ward off any Insects that may be looking for a Tasty Snack. Second, You need a First Aid Kit, if you end up getting almost Mauled, see ? Third, you need Portable Water, so that you can remain Hydrated, and don't have to drink dat nasty watah, which contains Microorganisms that can get you Sick.
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