From rags to riches

A soccer player who was a poor boy and then became a rich famous soccer player.

When i was young, i was raised by a poor family and suffered a lot. We had difficulties eating food but we managed to survive. During my teenage times, i loved to play soccer and my idol in soccer was Cristiano Ronaldo. I was playing in a English league, in a small club playing as a striker. I have always wished to play in the Barclays Premier league so that i could earn money to take care of my family. So, i work hard in every matches i played for the team, and scored a lot of goals for my club. I became good enough that a team called Manchester united signed me in. I was so happy to get this opportunity and started to earn money and earn fame. I continued to play better till i got so famous and was a top hit in the transfer window. But i have always wanted to stay with Manchester United as i feel like this is my home. I became good enough to be nominated for an award and i was opposing my idol Cristiano Ronaldo. This then made me think to be able to do the impossible as i was a nobody who wanted to meet Ronaldo too badly until now a famous soccer player who is able to oppose Ronaldo.The learning point is always do the unexpected and you will always succeed.