Challenges for New Parents

Taniya Royster

Adapting to new routines

  • schedule a routine around your babies routine so that while she's sleeping you can sleep or get other things done. You can even switch turns waking up to feed the baby.
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Handling mixed emotions

  • new parents with mixed emotions should get enough rest and sleep,eat well,stay active,keep your life simple,talk about your feelings with someone who understands,ask for and accept help from others,try to do one special thing for yourself each day
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Gaining Confidence

  • a new parent can gain confidence by asking someone told show them how to assist the baby and then trying it themselves.
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Strengthening the parent-child bond

  • A new parent can strengthen the bond with their baby by soothing them when they are crying, talk in a happy voice , rubbing them, and make eye connections with their baby.
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managing multiple roles

  • The best way to manage multiple roles is to be organized and stress free.
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Developing a support system

  • Have trust worthy family members or friends to help assist you with the baby.
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