The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Nesbit

March 13, 2014

VIP Folders

Today's VIP Folder should include:

1. Graded papers

2. Progress reports - Please sign and return.

3. PASS Brochure

Math & Science with Mrs. Nesbit

Math: We are beginning our review which will prepare us for our upcoming MAP test. This has been a challenging week learning to multiply and divide fractions. These are some of the problems we have been working on.

4/5 X 2/3= 12 X 4/5= 2 ½ X 3 1/3=

5/6 divided by 3/5= 1 2/3 divided by 2/5=

Be sure to ask what a “reciprocal” is.

Be sure to check out My Math online. Each student has a login username and a password that will allow them to review a lesson or if absent, will allow them to catch up with what was missed in class.

Also, go to for the lessons that are introduced using the Quick Codes for each lesson. A list of all quick codes can be found in the back of the student’s Math Journal.

Science: We are continuing our unit on Force and Motion. We have recently tested the effects of rubber band energy, designed and built a vehicle with a sail, and tested the effects of air resistance on our vehicle’s motion.

Preparing for PASS Writing w/ Mrs. Jefferson

It's hard to believe it's time for PASS Writing! We've worked extremely hard to become better writers in 5th grade. Their latest pieces of writing are in their VIP folders today. In preparation for next week's standardized tests, please remind your child about the following writing strategies we've used all year:

  1. Read and reread the prompt carefully and make sure you understand what it's asking you to write about.
  2. Make a graphic organizer to plan your writing.
  3. Skip lines while writing a rough draft.
  4. Read your rough draft.
  5. Revise your rough draft by adding transitions, improving word choice, and deleting irrelevant details and/or adding more relevant details.
  6. Edit your rough draft by using the dictionary to check spelling. Also, check for correct punctuation, capitalization, and indentation.
  7. Reread your rough draft.
  8. Write your final draft in your neatest handwriting.
  9. Read your final draft.

Next Week's Test Schedule:

Tuesday, March 18th - Writing , Day 1 (extended response)

Wednesday, March 19th - Writing, Day 2 (multiple choice)

Also, please help your children prepare by:

  • Encouraging them to do their best
  • Making sure they get adequate sleep
  • Giving them well-balanced meals
  • Sending them a healthy snack to eat when testing is over

Dr. Seuss Week Pictures

Hat Day inspired by The Cat in the Hat

Big image

Career Day inspired by Oh, the Places You'll Go

Big image

Have a Terrific Thursday!