Color Run Update-Take Two

Updated 10/16

When do we receive our merchandise?

Students and staff will receive their tshirts on Monday, October 16th. The students will receive them during advisory.

The bibs and the color packets will be received on race day.

PTSA Provided Supplies

The SVMS PTSA will provide a clear, seven gallon bag to each runner. Runners may choose to put a change of clothes in it, they may use it to protect the seat of the vehicle that will transport them home after the color run, or they may use it to put their color run clothes in and knot it so that the clothes will make it safely home.

The PTSA will also provide a water table for the runners at the conclusion of the race. Cups of water and fruit punch gatorade will be provided at that table.

What should I send to school with my student on Wednesday?

Old Clothes: DO NOT send your student to school in nice clothes on Wednesday. Their color run shirt, and pants and shoes that are older are preferred. The clothes and shoes used to participate in the color run will get stained with color. It will not be easy to get out. Please do not send them to school in nice, new, expensive clothes and shoes!

Ziploc Bag: If you are okay with your student using their phone to take pictures during the color run, please send them to school with a ziploc bag for that purpose. There will be wet color sprayed on the kids at various points in the course. There will be dry color thrown in the air at certain points in the course. Please take this into consideration when you decide whether or not to allow your student to bring their phone to the event. All phones brought to the color run will be under the responsibility of that student.

Extra bag/Towel: If you are unsure whether or not a 7 gallon bag will suffice to protect your student's clothes from staining their method of transportation home please feel free to send a bigger bag or towel with them.

Money: We will have several fun treats that they may purchase so you may want to send them with money to do so. Snowie KC treats are $5 and down and we will have a concession table with items for sale for $1 also.

Safety Items: Eye protection is not a must, but it might be something that you want to think about providing for your student. Sunglasses work if they have those, and SVMS StuCo is also selling clear safety glasses for $1.50.

Respiratory Issues: If your student currently has respiratory issues or has medicine at school for something like that you might want to think about sending them with a mask or making sure their medicines are updated in the office. We have included a section about the ingredients in the powder so that can help families make these decisions.

StuCo has safety glasses for sale October 16th and 17th.

Student Council is selling safety glasses on October 16th and 17th during Parent/Teacher conferences. Each set costs $1.50.

Snowie KC, Concessions, and more

Snowie KC will be on site selling their snow cones. Snow cones will be made for purchase at their regular prices. $5 for a large, $4 for a medium, and $3 for a small.

We will also have a concession table where we will have candy, pop, bags of chips and individual ice cream for sale. All concessions at this table will be $1.

So you want to volunteer? Don't forget to wear your Eagle gear!

The first annual SVMS Color Run is meant for students and staff only. The good news is that if you still want to participate as a parent we have a spot for you, too. We need parents to help us keep the students running on the right path, to help set up and distribute and to help us organize in general on the day of the fun run. We need help before the event starting at noon through the conclusion of the event and after ending around 2:30.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in please sign up here!

Parents will mostly be utilized at the water table, at the concession table and along the race route to help keep kids on track. We are asking parents to wear their gold and blue Eagle gear so that we can easily pick out which adults are there to help.

We Want Your Pics!

We plan on having a photographer on site during the color run, but candid pics are always fun as well! Send us your great shots! We'll be compiling them in a google photo album located here:

Thanks for your help!

What's that color stuff made of anyway?

My School Color Run offers two color components for our events. Knowing that we have participants of all ages, we wanted to make sure our color stations were suitable for everyone. That means instead of the traditional powder station (you know the ones that leaves little to no color on your shirt but the ground looks like it’s having a great time, ya that one), we use liquid spray stations, which is a combination of water and 100% FD&C and/or D&C grade food dyes. Volunteers use the provided 8 sprayers to apply the color to the runners’ bodies as they pass by, being mindful to aim below the head and neck. With the additional control the volunteers have by using the sprayers, the liquid spray stations require little to no clean up which is a huge plus!

(NOTE: We recommend all color is used outside, in a well-ventilated area, and over concrete or grass.)

The runners’ colorful and slightly wet shirts will provide a wonderful canvas for the second color component, the powder celebration, which takes place after the run. Our individual color packets are proudly made in the USA and each participant will receive their own packet to toss. We do recommend participants wear a bandana and sunglasses to cover their nose, mouth, and eyes. You’ll want to designate a well-ventilated area for the powder packets to be used. The powder packets are made with high quality cornstarch and food dyes. However, our products are not intended for consumption. After the event is over we recommend you “dust off” your clothes before washing. The color will wash out of most everything but you can apply a stain remover if needed. Remember, the earlier you get to a stain the better the chance you have of it coming out. As for the ground, simply running the sprinklers or just waiting for mother nature to take its course will solve the problem. The only sign left of your event taking place should be the awesome action shots you took during the color toss and your participants smiling faces!

If you would like a copy of the Safety Data Sheets please contact your personal event coordinator.

Will the color stain?

Will the color stain my clothes, hair, shoes, etc.?

The color washes out of most materials but just in case, we want you to wear items you aren’t worried about staining so you can enjoy the event to it’s fullest! Depending on how colorful you get, the color may stain your skin, hair, and clothes until finally coming out after a few good washes. To help prevent stains we recommend removing as much excess color as possible prior to washing. If you have lighter colored hair you may want to cover up with a hat!

A big thank you to bendry foundry service for donating color

A big thanks go out to our corporate sponsor, Bender Foundry Service, for making a donation to our Color Run event that allows us to buy even MORE color for our event. We are so appreciative of their supporting our Eagles!

Bender Foundry Service, Inc. (BFS)

Industrial Tools & Supplies

“Providing you with the things you need to succeed”

If you want to be a corporate sponsor as well contact!

Huge Thanks to SVMS Staff

Stacy Lester and Robin Lewis have been the driving force behind this event. They have researched, orgazined, supported, advertised and used who knows how much of their personal time to make this a fun event for SVMS. We appreciate all the hard work they have put into this (for real-they're amazing) and know our Eagles will, too!

Also, a huge thanks go out to the entire SVMS staff for supporting this new venture for our Eagles. We see your tweets. We've heard from our own that you are promoting this opportunity in Advisory classes across SVMS. That just goes to show that we do have the best staff in LPS, hands down! There is no way that we could have done this without their support!