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Media is a Tool

When I see everyone on their cellphones or watching a sports game on the TV at a restaurant, I think of media. Particularly, media is thought of as social media. Media, however, is more than just checking the latest Tweets on Twitter or perhaps watching that video on YouTube of the girl who caught on fire from “twerking.” Thinking back to that history project about Anne Frank, maybe instead of gathering research on the internet, you had to actually crack open an encyclopedia or history text book. The specific information in these books is considered to be media; it just may be an older tool people do not use as often. Media does include the internet and TV sources, as well as magazines and any other source that provides information about people, places, and things. People all around you generally are addicted to knowing the latest fad or what the latest gossip about celebrities is. People are addicted to media. You almost have to have at least a little understanding of what is going on around the world and/or your own country. This is why we have news stations and channels available to use in our own homes or at the simple touch on our mobile devices. You do not necessarily have to be “in the loop,” but at least be aware of your surroundings. Even religious leaders like Pope Benedict VI have agreed on this area of interest.

It is almost hard to learn about something new without being literate in some way. We all understand that to be illiterate means to lack the understanding or ability to read and comprehend and write. To be literate is exactly the opposite. When you add the word “media” before literate or illiterate, it only changes the definition slightly. It means to have or not have a grasp of what is “out there” in the world or even in your own town. Media and social media are beneficial in many ways, but remember it can be harmful if precautions are not taken in how to use these wonderful tools.

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"

Cheerios 2014 Super Bowl Ad

Cheerios in the 2014 Super Bowl ad, "Gracie," claims that their quality cereal will create a special bond within a family. Cheerios supports their notion by using humor and sensitivity in a heart-warming example of a father spending quality time with his daughter. The company’s purpose is to provide a product that is family-friendly and comforting which will in return attract the eyes of parents with young children. The company demonstrates this in an approachable manner for families at home.

Moment of Freedom

For simply mocking students that do not want to be in school when their education actually betters them for their future.

By Emily Newsom


Welcome to the pointless station, where the topics are random and the news doesn’t matter. Much like the downfall of Miley Cyrus, society faces a tragedy that is hard to put an end to, but has an easy solution. People, specifically teenagers, come across this prevalent internal conflict on a weekly basis and repeat this struggle daily. Students do not want to do their work... They do not have the motivation or energy to lift a pencil that does not even weigh an ounce! They do not desire to wake up before the sun, and they do not have the desire to be in a white, block-structured prison cell surrounded by other violent inmates, otherwise known as a school. But these white walls and feather-like utensils do not stop the jail wardens, commonly known as teachers, from distributing this hard to swallow, time-consuming, and all around unattractive torture device, the essay. Whether a five-sentence short response, ten-page thesis, or, for you Harry Potter fans out there, fourteen feet of scroll, the essay has plagued students since young people first had to learn to prove their intelligence in the first place. Unfortunately, there is not much intelligence left to prove or to be found in America’s high schools. No-many more students would prefer to play video games, watch television, or send the occasionally frequent “Tweet.” They find it entertaining, cool, and hip-yo. #Swag #YOLO #societythesedays But recently, a new fad has taken the world of teenagerdom by swarm. Interpretive Dance.

Breaking out of the classroom like a graceful ostrich and onto the dance floor- students are using their creative juices to fuel the wildly awkward machines, known as THEIR BODIES.

Surprise!! *JAZZ HANDS*

Students are now beginning to ask their teachers if they can do the worm instead of writing that exhortation on Napoleon’s failures.

Because the worm just makes all our teenagers so much more intelligent... #sarcasm

Another revolt against “the man” that has become very popular is singing during the moment of silence.

Totally going against what the moment of silence was originally created for...silence. “I WANT TO BREAK FREE.” … #Queen #FreddieMercury #CulturalRelevance This song spills out of the mouths of the trapped victims as these students attempt their escape during their only 30 seconds of hope...the moment of freedom. In order to tame these wild beasts, teachers have been brainstorming ideas to calm the students.

And they have found a solution.

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T for Twitter

The trouble with Twitter is that it takes up too much time. It has the power to tarnish your reputation causing tumultuous situations. Timid tikes think Twitter will boost their confidence to talk to other tikes because truly talking to other tikes is tiring. However, Twitter is taboo at times… Tweets are trashing and troubling other relationships when they should be used to try to encourage tithing. (<-wha??) Thus, troubled teens need to tame their impulsive Tweets. Too many times we find tiresome statuses about trivial themes. Tis the season to be tacky, ta la la la la la la la la. Ta daaaa. This tiresome thesis has gone too far, so tilt your tomahawk and tackle your tadpoles! Tweet on, but don’t twiddle your thumbs, bro.
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Senator Hilary Clinton as the First Woman President

As everyone ought to know, Washington was in fact our first president. Ever since then, the people have been electing their leaders to help govern and aid America. America is after all, the “land of the free.”

It was November of 2008 and it was that time again. The nation need to come together as one to make a national decision, otherwise known as a democracy. This election was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. This election, however, was like no other. It would be the first election with an African-American male and a female running for office. This means, if the Republicans did not win, then textbooks would definitely see this as an event to be further recognized in the future.

By March of 2008, McCain had already secured the Republican nomination. The Democrats, however, did not secure their nomination until early June. It was indeed a close call between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hilary Clinton, married to former President Bill Clinton. The early campaigning had focused on the war in Iraq and on the unpopularity of outgoing Republican President George W. Bush. All candidates did however, focus on domestic concerns and other issues that need attention. The oncoming “Great Recession” became one of the main concerns that needed attending, followed by a major financial crisis that peaked in September of 2008.

Senator Hilary Clinton became the first woman to be running in office. She and her running mate Joe Biden, surpassed Senator Barack Obama for the Democrats and eventually defeated Senator John McCain and running mate Governor Sarah Palin. This event especially aided women by giving them more confidence and hope for their rights and future. In other words, women truly can do anything if they just put their mind to it. The election had resulted in an increase in women’s activist groups and social parties.

Several months had passed and everything was going extremely well for President Clinton. She had already started on several major tasks she had promised would be taken care of, which in turn gave much hope to the nation. It was not until it was time to make a decision while on her menstrual cycle that all plans and hope decided to take a 360. Everyone, especially men have quite the understanding of how a woman can react during her “time of month.” Unfortunately, President Clinton had a sour relationship with President Putin of Russia. The poor relationship along with the climax of her emotions took its toll on the world. President Clinton, allowing her emotions to take hold of her, in turn decided to bomb the northeastern part of Russia because after all, who needs the tundra? The next month, someone had commented on her Twitter page about her weight and there went the Middle East and half of Africa…and that was when they said she was too skinny… And when she craved cheese puffs at one point, she had all factories in the U.S. stop what producing what they were selling and instead make cheese puffs.

The world after President Clinton became a nightmare. No one liked her, but no one could speak out against her or they would be persecuted and tickled to death…literally. Though a woman as president had its benefits for some time, the results were indeed, not worth it.

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Having a woman as president would surely change the course of history and would be written in textbooks for future generations to read.
Evanescence-Bring Me To Life lyrics

A Melodious Bridge to Orwell's Novel

Picturing a dark and lonely world, “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence paints a great picture for 1984 by giving off an edgy vibe and setting a rather gloomy mood. Throughout the book, Orwell depicts a picture of poverty, control, power, and depression. The fact that everyone is constantly under surveillance and cannot have even the slightest control over having children out of love rather than a “duty for the Party” just proves how control and power can be detrimental to a group of people. Because of this, Winston and Julia along with others have this deep desire to break free from the chains of control. Besides that, they have a deep love for one another.

The original meaning behind the song is about one’s lover or friend helping them “come alive” in a sense, and come back to their senses. However, what bridges the song and book the most is how the song is explaining a deep emotion of loneliness and almost a sense of suffocation from not living. It gives off the aroma of despair in other words. It is almost like a cry for help from the people that live under these conditions. Aside from that message, it corresponds with the love that Julia and Winston have for each other. Julia had asked Winston if he wanted to feel alive. This song can mean something different according to one’s perspective, but for this book, it is the book itself in a melody.

A Class to Remember

Walking into Media Literacy, my expectations were rather low. I expected the class to be a typical CP class, obnoxious and filled with lazy people. I honestly did not know what to think of Coach Zopf, but after the first day I knew he was a great teacher. I could tell he had a big heart when he spent a portion of the class talking about persevering and being the best we could be. I look up to teachers like him.

Out of the four academic subjects taught throughout my school career, language arts is my best subject because I actually understand and grasp the concepts taught in the class. I enjoy writing and understand grammar for most part.

Now that the course is coming to an end, looking back I will remember that staying true to myself is what will make me happiest. Trying to fit in or be like someone else only leaves me in confusion and sadness. Giving up never truly helps, but makes me feel worse. As far as academically, I will remember to use bigger words and not use personal pronouns unless needed. Writing could be a great activity to do during my free time. It will help with venting or remembering things, as well as give me a way to express who I am. I will focus more on meaning more with less words.

Media Literacy was different because it was modernized and was not focused so much on vocabulary or reading a certain genre. The class taught how to use modern technology to benefit ourselves and others around us and expand one’s knowledge in a positive way. Though the class was executed in a well manner, I think whoever is teaching the class should use personal and modern examples and tie them into the lesson. It helps open the students’ eyes as well as help them enjoy the material. It helps them think outside the box. Another idea is if all the students turn in an assignment early or by the deadline, a reward such as doughnuts could be given, but only every once in a while.

Overall, the class was beneficial and will be remembered because of how Coach Zopf taught. His tough, yet gentle teaching style was beneficial. His humor helped the students relax and relate, which further helped them engage in the classroom.

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