Anti Hoover

The reasons why he was a bad president: by William Merritt

The reasons why he wasn't reassuring enough

1. He said no handouts

2. He wouldn't help the people but the people would have to help themselves.

3. The economy was shrinking and the unemployed was rising and this is when hobos came in.

Not being cautious on fixing problems

He didn't help the people when they needed help.

Most of everything went bankrupt and people had to move out of their homes and try to find something to live in.

Not so much food was put in markets because farmers would drop off corn and other foods in ditches because Hoover would not do anything about this problem.

The Government could only play a limited role in helping to solve the problems, which did not last long.

Direct relief

$ 2 billion in emergency finance went in to Banks, Life insurance, Railroads, and Large businesses.

What should he have done?

He should of kept the farmers on selling their crops to the market so people could have food.