Anna's Fable

The Bear and the Jack Rabbit

The Bear and the Jack Rabbit

One day there was a Brown Bear named Bear catching fish near a waterfall and said, “I’m the best fisher in all the forest and no one will ever out smart me.” When Bear finished eating a Jack Rabbit sped past him. Then Bear said, “Where are you going in such a hurry?” Jack replied, “I’m headed up stream to catch fish, would you like to go with me?” Bear answered, “No way! I’m the best fisher in all of the forest, why would you think that I would want to fish with a Jack Rabbit!” As Jack was breathing heavily he said sternly, “I may be ugly as a rat but you could never reach my speed. Also, I want to get some fish for my family, they deserve the best of me and look up to me to provide for them.” Bear nodded in disagreement and stumbled over a rock, falling over the cliff and dangling over the waterfall. Bear was struggling to hold on but didn’t dare to ask Jack for help. Jack was about to take off, just as he thought how to help Bear. Jack used his speed and his teeth to chop down wood and rushed to a nearby vine tree to cut ropes and a strong base to hang over the cliff so Bear could grab on and the rope won’t snap. Bear was safe now thanks to Jack. Bear said, “Thank you Jack, I couldn’t have done it without your speed and agility.”


Don't judge a book by its cover


This picture represents the theme because even though this vine is ugly its very useful.