By: Graham MacNamee


Since the death of his mother Danny and his father have moved multiple times trying to escape the memories of her. When they left Toronto, Canada, Danny meets a few army brats that he becomes very close to. From the very beginning I was pulled in to this mystery. This book is very mysterious, suspenseful, and exhilarating.

Favorite Passage

"The mouth hangs open, the long blades of its teeth gleaming blue. Its scream deepens into a ragged growl. Those silver eyes meet mine. It rears up on its hind legs. The beast takes a step closer, mouth stretching wide. I'm dead! A blast of gunfire erupts next to me. I spin and see Ash with her pistol raised. The giant flinches as bullets bounce off its chest, shoulder, forehead. Ash empties her mag on it. The last shot catches the beast in the left eye, making it screech and bow its head. As Ash's gun clicks over and over on an empty chamber, the creature howls."

Character Poem


Tall, Skinny, Handsome

My Grandpa

Caring, Motivating, fighting

He was caring when his friend Howie was in the hospital, he had to motivate his friend Howie to escape the dreams of the Wendigo, and he fought the Wendigo in the Wendigo's cave.

He is extremely brave, and he will risk his life for his friends.