Credit Newsletter

Ramon Vazquez

What is credit?

What is Credit? it has the ability to obtain services and goods before payment, it all comes to the trust that payments will be made to the Lender

What are the forms of credit? Credit cards and loans are the two credits you have. Loans such as financial loans, car loans and school.

What costs are associated with credit? Credit report is a record of an individual past borrowing. CREDITWORTHINESS is trustworthiness with money based on a persons credit. because of history you wont be able to receive a PERSONAL LOAN from the bank. If you keep a good credit score your Interest will increase because the person lending you money wont have as much confidence of you giving it back.

What determines if someone gets credit and how much they get? Your credit must be good to receive credit. Their credit score is based on the purchases you made in the past.


Personal loans - a loan that establishes credit that is granted for personal use.

Credit - its the ability to obtain services and goods before making a payment, it all depends on the payments you make in your future.

Credit bureau - it's a record of an individual past borrowing and repaying, and the information about late payments.

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