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Burns: Classification and Treatment


A burn is an injury caused by exposure to heat or flame. There are three types of burns and each degree requires a higher level of treatment. 1st degree burns are burns that affect only the outer layers of the skin. 2nd degree burns affect the outer and underlying layers of skin. 3rd degree burns affect all layers.
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1st degree burns

1st degree burns are the mildest forms of skin injury. Can cause redness on the skin, swelling and skin peeling. Sunburns, scalds, and electricity.
INTENSE SUNBURN (1st Degree Burn)

2nd degree burns

A second degree burn is also called a partial thickness burn. Flames, intense sunburn, and contact with hot object causes 2nd degree burns. Treatment is determined by extent of damage to the dermis and epidermis.
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3rd degree burns

Also classified as a full thickness burn. Destroys both the epidermis and dermis fully. Causes like electrical, chemical, and open flames are for 3rd degree burns. Skin grafts are used to treat 3rd degree burns.
Third degree burn