November Update

Mrs. Mahoney's 4th Grade

Reading Workshop

This month students will continue strengthening their reading skills in independent reading and classroom Read Alouds. We will begin our unit on Navigating Non-Fiction. Students will begin by using the table of contents, glossary and index to locate information. They will create mental fact files to sort information they read. Additionally, they will practice skills such as asking critical questions, prediction and identifying big ideas. Students will use graphic organizers to organize their thoughts and ideas as they prepare to apply their knowledge. They will gain an understanding of fact vs. opinion and how information fits together.

Writing Workshop

Last month we began working on personal essays. This month students will move from personal essays to persuasive essays. Students will draw from a variety of sources to be more convincing and persuade their audience of their opinion. Students will link their evidence to their reasons and thesis statement so there is no gaps in their logic or reasoning. Students will introduce paragraphs using topic sentences and make connections from one paragraph to another using phrases. Students will continue to self-assess their writing by using an Opinion Writing Checklist.


This month in math we will begin our study of fractions. To begin, students will review equivalent fractions. From there students will add and subtract like and related fractions. Students will also begin to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will continue with our daily mental math practice, daily word problem, and multiplication mad minutes.

Social Studies

After spending time becoming experts on the geography of Pennsylvania this month we will finish our study of Pennsylvania. From there we will branch out to explore the Northeast Region. We will look at various maps and gain an understanding of state boundaries. We will also learn about natural resources the Northeast. This will help us to begin learning about people and how they lived in the past compared to present day. Exploration of major industries, landmarks and culture will give students a diverse and enriching experience.

Important Dates

  • November 8- Grades 3-5 Grandparents Day
  • November 12- Picture Retake Day
  • November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Vacation