End of Year Newsletter

Baruch aKDPhi November and December

As November is comes to an end, we are ready to welcome the holiday season! Join us and take a look at our past month!

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Roadtrip to Cornell

We had a blast roadtripping to our Mommy Chapter! It was great reconnecting with many familiar faces and meeting new ones as well. We hope to see you all again!
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University of Stony Brook Probate

We would like to congratulate the sisters of Stony Brook University on crossing their class! It was great seeing a lot of Northeast sisters gathered in one place.
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Sisterhood Thanksgiving Hotpot

What better way to brave this cold weather than to eat hotpot! Instead of having the traditional turkey, we decided to go to all you can eat hotpot! Sure did stuff ourselves to the max!
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Basic Legal Concepts Workshop

We would like to thank our own sister Winnie Tong for coming and speaking for our event. We would also like to give Social Brew a shout out for coming to our event as well! Please visit their website at <socialbrew.me/>. We learned a lot about drug policy and prison reform. She taught us a lot about things that we don't notice in our everyday lives. We hope to see many changes in the near future!
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Sisterhood Dinner at The Coop

We had a great time coming together and eating at The Coop! It was great vibes and great food. That was the perfect way to come together after having such a chaotic month for BCA.

Taste of Asia Event

We held an event that dove into our roots of Asian Awareness and spread knowledge on the history of how some of the most famous deserts have come to rise today.

DIY Snowglobes

As the winter season and Christmas approaches, we held an event that taught many people how to create snow globes of their own!

St. John's University Installs

Congratulations to the new class of St. John's University for getting officially installed! We had a great time at your installs and we can't wait to see what you have in store for your chapter. Rep your letters with pride!

Sisterhood Dates

We randomly assigned sisters for November Sisterhood dates! We had a great time spending time one on one with each other.
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November Scholars of the Month

Great job to Ashley, Julia, and Brenda for getting scholars of the month
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Congratulations to our sister Joyce *Mumble* Guo!

Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you nothing but the best! We are so happy to see you embark on this new chapter in your life!
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Congratulations to our Charter Judy *Lushous* Nie for picking up a Northeaster University Charter!

The probate was wonderful and we hope that your journey as big and little from here on will be even more wonderful! Congratulations to #10 Melissa *Avión* Chan!
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Happy 6 Years to Baruch aKDPhi!

Six years ago, on this very day, fourteen ambitious, dedicated, determined young women came together to establish the 46th Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Incorporated at the City University of New York, Bernard M. Baruch. Priscilla *vixen* Cen, Melissa *Meringue* Chen, Vivian *1st Class* Cheng, Nikki Nicole *Amarige* Gay, Joyce *Mumble* Guo, Esther *Wynn* Jung, Victoria *Radiate* Lee, Wendy *ORION* Leung, Yuena Yue *G-String* Li, Judy *Lushous* Nie, Suzanne N. *jezebelle* Nig, Stephanie *Nilla* Pimentel, Connie *Nemesis* Tam, and Josephine *CaterpillarZ* Zhu. We are so grateful to have such amazing sisters who changed the lives of so many young women, guiding us to always reach above and beyond in order for us to become the strong, independent women that you envisioned for this chapter. We will always strive to make you proud.

We would like to say Happy Birthday to all our November and December babies! Hope you all had a great one <3