White Bat

By K.C


  • White fur with a flat yellow nose and yellow ears
  • 3.7-4.7 cm long
  • Weighs about 6 grams
  • The extended wings are about 6-10 cm(Wikipedia)
  • The tail is extremely small

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Found in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Western Panama (Wikipedia)
  • Eats fruit and/or vegitation
  • Gives birth to a single offspring during the springtime
  • Unlike other bats, the white bat will only flee if its habitat is greatly disturbed
  • Predators include opossums,snakes,and other carnivorous animals


  • Constructs its own roost from Helicania leaves
  • Advantage of having their white fur is that the sunlight will reglect colors on to their fur so they blend in with their natural surroundings
  • Honduran white bats do not go back to the same nest each day and insted move among their many roosts
  • Roosts are made six feet off the ground

Reasons for Endangerment and Critical Information

  • Rainforest destrustion leads to loss of habitat
  • Rainforests with Heliconia leaves are needed for white bats to survive
  • Projects to improve rainforest conservation education are currently ongoing to prevent the loss of rainforests(kingman123.tripod)
  • Keeping track of the white bat population
  • Donate money to help because they are one of the only two white bats
  • Even though they are not endangered, they will be soon if he does not reach them in the near future
  • Protect your environment so that their habitat and the homes of other animals will not disappear one after another