Apps we use in Technology

BY: Logan Geissler


  1. When you use iMovie, you can make a movie with theme music
  2. When using iMovie, it allows you to make a movie about anything from drama to comedy
  3. If you need a picture from the web, Google allows you to save pictures to your camera role, then use it in iMovie

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  1. In iTrailer, you could make the trailer for you iMovie. Then maybe show your trailer to people so they want to watch your movie
  2. You can make a movie trailer with pictures and captions
  3. iTrailer is like iMovie. You can not only record, but add pictures and make it look professional

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Haiku Deck

  1. Haiku Deck is much like Google Presentation. You can insert pictures by looking them up on Haiku Deck. It has a list of pictures saved to it
  2. Haiku Deck has a cool feature where you can expand the slide you're creating to see what it looks like
  3. If you are not finished with your project, don't worry about saving it. Haiku Deck automatically saves it for you!

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Explain Everything

  1. On this app, you can literally explain Everything
  2. If you need to use your voice, you can record you explaining something
  3. While you record, you can write things on the screen.

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Go Animate

  1. In Go Animate, you can make people talk and move
  2. If you need props, no problem. Go Animate has all the props you will need
  3. You can pick a back round if you need it. Plus, its great for work presentations

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