PBL at Austin Elementary

Welcome to PBL at Austin Elementary!

Why PBL?

Visit the Buck Institute for Education to find lots of information on PBL.

Project Based Learning: Explained.
An engaging authentic classroom experience, that deepens learning, using real world problems thereby preparing learners for later in life.
  • be more effective than traditional instruction for teaching mathematics
  • be more effective than traditional instruction for preparing students to integrate and explain concepts
  • improve students’ mastery of 21st-century skills

SEM & PBL Comparison

Visit http://www.gifted.uconn.edu/sem/ to learn more about SEM!

Assessment Tool: Rubrics


Example Rubric 2


Steps to Aurasma

1. Download Aurasma App

2. Follow Austin Elementary Channel (go to search, type in Austin

Elementary (with no space), click on Austin Elementary, then click on “follow”)

3. Scan image with your Smartphone

4. A website will appear

5. Click “play”