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December 8-12, 2014

Greeters for this week:


Elizabeth Abernethy


Henryett Lovely-Watson


Henryett Lovely-Watson


Katie Burnett


Elizabeth Abernethy

There are 23 workshops in this building this week

Region 7 Job Postings

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

Special Ed Coordinator

Title I Specialist

Curriculum Specialist

Assistant Director - Federal Programs

Administrative Secretary - Center for Technology Services

DMAC Specialist

Educator Certification Specialist


ELA Specialist, Middle School

Secretary - Federal Programs

Secretary - Special Education

Grant Accounting Specialist

Federal Programs Coordinator

AEOP Cookbooks

Can’t think of that gift to get your picky family member? How about a copy of the 2014 Region 7 AEOP Employee Cookbook?

Printed Cookbook - $15

Digital Coobook (.pdf) - $7

*Bonus QR Code Download with both*

Orders are Due by December 15th and cookbooks and files will be printed and delivered by December 18th. Please turn in your order and payment to Linda Johnson.

Make checks payable to AEOP.

Toys for Tots Foundation

Our annual Christmas luncheon is Friday, December 19, 2014. We are asking each employee to bring an (unwrapped) toy for the Toys for Tots Foundation (Limit $5 - $30). The toy should be for a child birth to 12 years old. Please do not bring your toy early because we have no place to store all these toys; we have someone from Toys for Tots coming to pick them up Friday, December 19. The luncheon begins at 10:30 with the Singing Sensations, so please come a little early to put your toy in the bag at the entrance to the Cedar room. Below is a link that gives more information about Toys for Tots! Thank you for joining with us to help in this worthy cause for children in need!


Machelle Robbins at Big Sandy

Andy came in this morning the sessions were so great … that people didn’t even want to leave!

We definitely want to set up additional training for the spring. Thank you!


Vickie Echols:

Just wanted to say Thank You for the Leadership time today. It really was great to be able to spend an entire day with others bouncing around thoughts and ideas about coaching and growth. I look forward to seeing you again in February. Thanks again it was great.

Merry Christmas


Jerry L. Hancock

Assistant Principal

Sam Houston Middle School



I just wanted to let you know that the workshop on last Tuesday was wonderful. I would love for you to bring her back for a two day training.

Thanks for all you do for us!!

Lisa Fyffe


Thank you Danette for all the help you give us PEIMS People!

I know I get the PEIMS CRAZIES when I am working under a time limit, and you always give us your help, even when we are not so happy and cheerful!

Thank you, I appreciate you so much!!


Hawkins ISD


Holly Curry

Thank you so very much for taking the time to impart a small kernel of your wisdom into my brain and allowing me to bask in the glory thereof. You are truly a jewel to all teachers! And thank you for taking the time to check back in with me and offer your assistance once again. You know how teaching becomes and I have certainly lost sight that I have a technology friend willing to help me out of a jam. I will keep you in mind, so you know that when I call for help, I am truly desperate.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed beyond measure during this season and school year.

Shari Ganske

Overton ISD

A Zero Sum Equation

An excerpt from from Uncommon Sense

Common Sense: It’s better to give than to receive.
Uncommon Sense: It’s better to give than to give back.

True generosity involves giving, not just giving back. It means giving with no expectation of repayment. Giving back is a zero-sum equation: We give back what we received and the world is not better off than it was before we received it. True giving means the world is improved by the sum of our giving. It is better off because we are here.

People who view their stewardship in a role of giving back miss the point. To be significant in your world we must focus on giving, period. Not giving back. Not giving as a payment. Just giving because there’s a need we can fill and we want to fill it.

“Always give without remembering. Always receive without forgetting,” said William Barclay, the Scottish theologian. That’s a wonderful idea.
Giving rewards the giver much more than giving back. The most gratifying reward comes when we give not because we have to, not because someone asks us to, not because we owe it, but rather out of hearts filled with gratitude.

People whose hearts are full of gratitude tend to be more positive, generous, and innovative. They also tend to be easier to get along with - and therefore, more successful and influential.

Unconditional giving is like parental living at its best. Good parents don’t love their children because the children love them first. They don’t love “love back” their children. They love their children - period – even though the children at times may seem unlovable.

The good news is that we don’t have to give our fortunes to give generously. There are many ways we can give, even though we may be lacking in financial resources. We can give talent, skill, time, or love; we can mentor, coach, advise, guide, or serve someone as a role model. These are all avenues of giving.

Giving back is not, in itself, a bad thing. But when we graduate from giving back to just giving, we arrive at the zenith of true pleasure. Go there and see for yourself!
“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
Winston S. Churchill

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