No remorse?

How can someone kill another person & go on about their day?

Who am I?

My name is Jona'e Honeycutt. I am a senior at FL Schlagle High School. I don't understand in a lot things in life but I'm okay with that, but one thing I want to get is an understanding on how people have the audacity to take someone else's life and just live their life without turning themselves in or saying anything to the police. A lot of families want closure, a piece of mind or even clarity and they can't even get that because people are so cruel & heartless.

What I hope others will learn or gain from my research

I hope people will get an idea, explanation or some kind of concept on why someone can kill someone else & just live on like nothing ever happened. Nobody really knows why, i think that's an internal problem that they have to deal with, so what I'm doing is generating a general idea.

What I hope to gain from my research?

I also hope to gain an idea on what goes through peoples mind as they make the action of taking someone else's life… I hope you get a little bit of relief or understanding because my brother was killed and his killer just goes on about his day, and that, is so mind blowing.

Here are two articles about my brother who was shot and killed.. No arrests were made.

My experience..

I will never ever forget this day, week, the funeral, nothing.

June 29, 2014, 1:53am..

My best friend Dj called me crying, I could barely understand what she was saying, all I heard was "Faith called", "Poo is dead"… like woah, what? was she serious? I felt like I was dreaming. I went and woke up my mama and she was so distraught, you would've thought she seen a ghost. After that, I Immediately got on Instagram and looked for any "RIP" posts because thinking back when Yuan got killed, it hit Instagram in .5 seconds, I only saw one post so I still didn't believe it. I called Pooter's phone and it just rang & rang. Next, I called Phats, Ly and Tee and neither one of them answered; I was just stuck.I waited on Dj to come get me so we could go find Ly and tell her because her or her mama wasn't answering, so I knew she didn't know.. Once we found Ly's house, I was walking up the hill & Phats called me back & confirmed it…. Pooter was gone. I just dropped to the ground and cried. Once we told Alyah, she just kept asking who… After that we went to Dj's and waited for Phats to call us & tell us he was on 24th. Once we got there it was so packed with people, it was devastating.

"Prisoner wants the death penalty and has no remorse for the people he killed"

Here is a video of a man who has murdered someone and thinks he deserves the death penalty because he just doesn't care.
Prisoner wants the death penalty and has no remorse for the people he killed.

Tj Lane, a young boy who wore a shirt with "KILLER" written on it at his trial.

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Teen shows no remorse over shooting death of 66 year old

He shot a man twice, killing him but as you can see, he doesn't care.
Teen shows no remorse over shooting death of 66 year old