The Moon

The Moon's scientific name is Luna.

Interesting Facts About Luna

The moon is 238,900 miles away from earth. The gravitational pull is 17% which means if you weigh 200 pounds on earth you would only weigh 34 on the moon. The gravity is 1.622 per second squared. It takes 27 days for the moon to make a complete orbit around Earth and has gone around planet Earth over 122,229,000,000 times. Can you believe that! This is because Earth is 4.527 billion years old. The moon is 6,784 miles around.

Layers of The Moon

The Moon has a 60-100 km thick crust covered in loose soil and made out of anorthosite rock. After that it has a rigid lithospheric mantle that is 1,000 km thick. Then it has a non-rigid asthenosphic mantle that is kind of solid. Last, the moon has the core which could be completely iron.

For more interesting facts about The Moon, please watch this video.

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