AP U.S. Study Ap

Creating an ap to help students study for the AP exam

For our complex learning activity, students will be required to design an app and then present the app to the class using Microsoft Powerpoint or another presentation tool. More specifically our project is designed to be used in an American History class, which most students take their junior year of High School. The creation of the app will require some in depth knowledge and research so we recommend that it be used for AP U.S. History as these students are taking an advanced placement class and are expected to go above and beyond a normal high school curriculum. Additionally, this learning activity will greatly aid students in learning and studying for their AP exam.

The learning activity we have designed will require each student taking AP U.S. to design and AP that will be used to help study for the AP exam. Each student will pick a topic that will be covered in the class and that will likely appear on the exam. All the students must have different topics as this will create a broad range of subjects, creating a better base for all the students to be able to stud from. The students will pick their topics towards the beginning of the second semester of school (around February). At this point in time the students will have taken enough of the class to have a good idea about what they enjoy or are interested in to pick a topic for the app while also allowing them sufficient time to complete the project before the exam. Once selecting a topic, students will construct their app and then present to the class two weeks before the exam. For their presentations the students will be required to create a powerpoint, prezi etc. as a visual aid. Once the presentations are complete all the students will have access to everyone’s apps to use as study tools for the AP exam.

Our learning activity is designed to have a learner-center focus. Each student selects a topic in the class they are interested in or want to learn more about. Allowing students to select their own topic gives them input and enables them to choose a subject they enjoy and will really want to explore. The creation of the app also forces students to not only learn about the subject they are researching, but also creates a whole different set of technological and creative challenges for the students. The students will have to learn how to create an app and go through the trial and error process of successfully creating it. Additionally, they have the creative freedom to set the app up anyway they like. This enables each individual student to create a design for the app they think best fits their subject, and will best help their fellow classmates study for the AP exam. Furthermore, in creating the presentation and actually presenting to the class, the student in essence becomes a teacher. They have to become an expert on the subject they choose so that they can answer questions and teach their classmates. This is a great way to really make sure the students learn and retain the information. All in all this learning activity will challenge the students and provide a creative way to help them review for their AP exam.