Creepy Neighborhood

Salems Lot

Salem's lot

Salem's lot is a regular town like any other in New England, but when the sun goes down and the night rises evil comes alive, and the methodical laughter of children is heard throughout the streets. People start disappearing throughout the story

Ben Mears

Ben returns to a small town called Jerusalem's lot also known as Salem’s Lot whose population is 289, he comes to write a book about his childhood trauma and the evil old Marsten House that sits on a hill and looks all Gothic. Eventually Ben starts to fight an enemy known as vampires.


Barlow is the new found owner of the Marston house. Barlow is also the vampire lord

Susan Norton

Susan, and Ben quickly became great friends. Susan helps ben with the trauma he has had with the Morsten house


I personally did not like this book. Therefore i would not recommend it. I felt the book was kinda slow, at some parts it got exciting and intriguing but overall the book was pretty slow.


The theme of the book is evil is a force best left alone. This is shown because if Ben would've left with Susan shortly after Matt's heart attack they would've lived there lives. even though Ben defeats the evil in the end he still lost everything he had that was important to him