Kelsey Burnett-Salerno

EDEE 403

Why Teaching?

I want to be a teacher because I enjoy inspiring children to continue to learn both inside and outside of the class. As a student, I always excelled when a teacher had us engaged in hands on learning rather than lecture styled.

Quick Bio

I'm a 24 year old single mom to the most adorable boy who is slightly obsessed with superheroes. We live in Summerville, which I claim as my hometown, with a tuxedo cat named Thor. See, superhero obsession. I hope to teach in Dorchester District II where my son will be attending kindergarten next year.

Weird Fact

I have had 7 sets of front teeth in the entirety of my life.

1. Baby teeth

2. Adult teeth (lost in a tap dancing accident)

3. Bonds

4. Veneers (lost by being sucked out of my house by a tornado)

5. One set of dentures

6. A nicer set of dentures

7. Finally, dental implants