Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

News to Know!

May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Thank you for all you do day in and day out.

Viking 5K- Run for the Playground

Keep rounding up pledges for the Viking 5K. Pledges received for the Viking 5K will help defray the delivery cost of Gibraltar Elementary's new playground. Giving the kids the chance to raise funds for the playground allows them the opportunity to take ownership in the project. It gives them a chance to say, "I was part of the community effort that enabled us to have this new playground."

The 5K will be held June 7th. All students will be able to participate no matter how much or how little they were able to fundraise.

Pull tabs wanted

Mr. Scoville and the Gibraltar students have been collecting pop/pull tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House on behalf of Gibraltar Elementary for the past several months. Mr. Scoville needs all pull tabs turned in to him by May 19. Help us reach the goal of 1,000,000 pull tabs!

Yearbook orders

Yearbook orders are currently being taken. Yearbooks this year are $20 apiece. Pink order forms and money can be returned to your child's teacher. Orders are due May 20.

the end is near for library book check-outs

The last day to check out library books will be May 27. Please remind your child to return any books they are not currently reading to help our librarians get a jump-start on reshelving the mass of books they are expecting to have turned in at the end of the year.

Lunch lady hero day

Last Thursday, our 5th graders showed their appreciation to the Gibraltar Cafeteria lunch ladies. "Odes to the lunch ladies" were written and presented via a giant thank you card. During lunch, the 5th grade students joined their voices as one to show their appreciation through song. Ask your child to sing you the song. It's an original!

What We are Learning this Week

Our lessons this week in Math are all about volume. We will be finding the volume of cylinders, pyramids, cones, and triangular prisms. We will also be reviewing area and perimeter. Our Unit 11 test will be this Friday. As always, a Unit Review packet will be sent home as a resource for you, to be used as needed.

Writing class will find us continuing to work on the craft of argument writing. We will practice balancing evidence with our analysis of it. We will rethink and explain the evidence used in our papers. We will also be creating a method for collecting research.

This week in ELA, we will discuss the events written within Hattie Campbell's diary. We will look at these events through the eyes of different characters and discuss how our life's experiences influence what we notice in text. We will also analyze the role the setting plays in a historical fiction book.

We will be reviewing the concepts studied over the past couple weeks in Math Extension to check for mastery. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of basic multiplication and division algorithms (e.g. multiplying decimals and dividing three digit numbers by two digit numbers) to be sure they are properly prepared for 6th grade. Students not showing mastery of these concepts will meet in small tutorial groups during Math Extension.

Upcoming Events

May 17


STAR Math Test

May 18



May 18


4th/5th Grade Track Meet

May 20

No School-Professional Development Day

May 24


Coast Guard Presentation

May 26



May 26


Spring Concert

June 7

Viking 5K