Psycoactive Drug Name

BY: Ms. Ferrelli

Part I: Information About Drug

1. Description of the drug, including its chemical makeup

2. Classification of the drug (see chapter 26 for these)

3. Slang terms and street names for the drug

4. Ways to ingest the drug

5. Similar drugs with the same effects

6. Medicinal use of the drug

7. Effects

a. Psychological effects of the brain

b. Physiological effects on the rest of body

c. Duration of effects

8. Dependence (psychological and psychical)

9. A myth or something that is not true about your drug.

10. Information about the risks and harmful effects
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Anti Drug Message

Be sure to include PLENTY of images, links, and facts to help drive your anti-drug message home. Make this as dynamic as possible. Make it something that your peers will want to look at!