Girl, Stolen

By April Henry


You're in a situation were you have no idea what's happening or why. One minute you're waiting for someone and the next you're taken from your family. You can't see what's going on and you have nothing or no one to help you. What do you do? How do you escape?

Cheyenne is in the back seat of the car waiting on her step-mom who is getting her medicine for pneumonia. When the car door open, she immediately notices that something is wrong, the car was being stolen. Griffin panics but continues to drive until they get to his house. After his father argues with him about taking Cheyenne he walks her into the house as she stumbles over some of the junk they've piled up in their yard. Cheyenne has to find a way to get out using anything she could to help her because not only is she sick, she's also blind. But, now that Griffin's father knows that Cheyenne's father is wealthy, he comes up with a plan that will help him get away and now a reason to keep Cheyenne.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was very intriguing and I keep me wondering what will happen next. I believe that anyone who likes a good suspenseful read would love this book. The characters in this book does not even have a clue to what will happen next or what will even be said. Griffin was sure that his mom had left to stay with her family only because his father had told him that but little did he know that's not what actually happened to her. With every page there is always something surprising that you just won't see coming.

-Maria Wade

Girl, Stolen by April Henry -- Book Trailer