Junior Pilot Flash

Mar. 2016 ~ Franklin Township Middle School East

A Bench for Caps! by Emily Mellentine

Attention students,

Ms. Thompson has introduced a competition between all PRIDE classes. Bring in plenty of plastic bottle caps. Below are a few examples of what types of caps we can collect:

  • Soda Bottles
  • Peanut Butter lids
  • Laundry Detergent caps
  • Milk Bottle caps

The plastic bottle caps collected at FTMS East will be exchanged for a bench made from the collected caps! The contest will be in effect Monday, March 14 through April 29, 2016.

Turn in bottle caps to your PRIDE teacher. The PRIDE class with the most collected caps will win a popcorn party.

For every 400 lbs. of caps collected, we will receive one bench from Green Tree Plastics located in Evansville, IN.

**See the below link for additional information.

Ignore Gossip by Emily Mellentine

Why to Ignore Gossip

  • No one truly knows you.

  • Their opinion does not need to be valued.

  • Small minded people are the ones who gossip.

  • Maybe they are jealous.

  • Feeding into gossip leads to pointless conflict.

Why not to gossip

  • You wouldn’t want people talking about you.

  • You may not know all of the information.

  • People will lose trust in you.

  • It could severely hurt someone’s feelings and reputation.

  • It is a bad habit.

“Who gossips to you, will gossip of you”

-Turkish probverb

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots”

News from the Clinic ~ by Megan Garyson

There are a few donations that the nurse’s office is in need of:

*Feminine products

*Girls clothing items - all sizes

*Water bottles

There will be a charge of $0.25 on each item for students who need a water bottle or feminine products. The collected money will be used to restock supplies.

Borrowed clothing items need to be washed before being returned to the nurse’s office.

Thank you,

Kerra Waters, RN

Student Council

Student Council applications for next year may be picked up and turned in to Mr. Adams, Ms. Carr, or Miss Deerberg now through April 22.

School Counseling News - ISTEP Tips by Brianna Lawson

-Get to bed at a good time and get a good night's sleep

-Eat a high protein breakfast

-Let your feelings out

-Relax ~ try yoga

-Eat chocolate!

-Drink a lot of water

-Find something fun

-Get organized

Nominate a student and/or a teacher as the FTMS East Difference Maker by completing the form below.

Art Work By Kionne Bybee

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