POHW After Poster

By: Abhishek Suresh

1) Hollis' Outlook On Life

In the Beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. She has no family. In the end,Hollis is happy to be part of the Regan family

Hollis' Outlook on the Regan

2) Near the end, Hollis realizes that she regrets running away from the Regans.When Hollis and Josie go to the Regans summer home,Hollis still sees pictures of when she stayed with the Regans.

Hollis' Outlook on Josie

3) When Hollis stays with Josie,Hollis starts warming up to Josie.For Hollis' Christmas present Josie gives Hollis the wooden figure of her.For Josie's Christmas present, Hollis gives Josie a picture of Josie and Beatrice at the popcorn-stand at the movies

Hollis Outlook On Steven

4) Near the end of Hollis' visit with the Regans,Hollis starts to show a sign of favoritism to Steven.The only reason she leaves the Regans is thinking she was the reason for the Old Man and Steven's fighting.Soon when Hollis and Steven meat in Branches,Steven tells her it is not her fault for them fighting,and that it's just a "thing" between them

Hollis Outlook On The Mustard Women

5)When Hollis and the Josie stay at Branches,Hollis keeps having a though of the Mustard Women coming to find them.She thinks that when the Mustard Women finds her and Josie,that she will be taken away.

Hollis Outlook On The Woods

6)When ever Hollis runs away she comes to the woods.It is like her place to go for relaxation.It makes her forget about her pains and worries.Since she was left in the woods when she was little it is like her "place".

Hollis Outlook On The Old Man

7)At first when Hollis meets the Old Man,Hollis tries to act tough.Soon she starts warming up to him.The Old Man tells Hollis not to go up on the mountain(the old man's mountain).the Old Man taught Hollis how to fish.

pg:47 quote:''I looked at him,really looked at him,not a quick glance that darted away so he couldn't see my self.