HIV and AIDS are out there!!!

What do you need to know about HIV and AIDS?

What are the differences between HIV and AIDS?

HIV: HIV finds a way to destroy a type of white blood cell called T cells that the immune system must have to fight disease.

AIDS: This is the final stage of the HIV infection, when someone has one or more specific infections, certain cancers, low number of T cells, he or she is considered to have AIDS.

What does HIV mean?

HIV stands for




How does HIV spread?

HIV can be spread through having sex, sharing needles, even through blood.

How is HIV not spread?

HIV is not spread as easily as you think. People might think HIV is spread through things like drinking fountains, drinking glasses, food, or even pets. But really none of those is correct.

How can I prevent HIV and AIDS?

Use protection like latex condoms during sexual intercourse.

Don't share needles.


Be faithful

Where can I get tested for HIV and AIDS?

There are many ways to get tested for HIV and AIDS you can go to a clinic and doctor's office, mobile testing van, or even get a home HIV test.