This week ela

What have we done

Last Week we started are own maritime writing assignment

Monday: came up with ideas of what to do

Tuesday: exposition also known as the part of the story when you introduce the charecters and setting

Wendsday: rising action the part of the story when you intrude the problum/conflict

Thursday:rising action this is the part of the story when you introduce your conflict

Friday:falling action the part of the story where you resolve the problem.

This week

Tuesday: resolution the end of the story

Wendsday: revise and Edit when you make sure your paper has no mistakes

Thursday: final copy

Friday: half day of school get out early and spend all day with your ela teacher

This is graded

This is graded by plot,and dialogue

write me a stor with the promped below

Which is a better place to spend the day: the beach or and amusement park give plenty of reasons to explain your choice


Pretend that you are 65 years old. Write advice to your middle school self.

This s ela stuff

Give me your writing when your done or share with someone