Lets talk about French People

specifically in the 1800s, to be precise


Aristocrats were higher class men who had the highest level of everything. Men were well educated at universities and colleges, and had jobs of political sort. They ate very high quality food, and treated their wives as "critical but subservient resources who brought money, family, and social position into marriage". Their wives took care of the (spoiled) children with the utmost care.


The bourgeoisie (middle class) formed from a booming amount of mental based career opportunities. Children were home schooled and even though they didn't have the highest quality education (this was for the aristocrats) they had the most effort put into their education, because society knew their future - better yet their lives - depended on it. Men were obsessed with wealth and fame, and even married people specifically for it. Basically marriage for all classes was people marrying others because of how famous or wealthy they are, or because of their class (sadly not personality). They ate mediocre, average food. It wasn't really good, (that was for the aristocrats,) but it wasn't bad either. (that was for the Proletarians)


The Proletarians (aka the low class) was formed from a large amount of primarily physical jobs, that didn't require smarts/skills - only laborers. They ate basically crappy food, and had a higher mortality rate because they had more risky jobs. Since they were lower class and needed money to survive, women had equally labor requiring jobs. Children had almost no education, but they were taught to be independent as soon as they could, Because they lower class needed them to be.