S6 Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses

Wosports S6 Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bluetooth sunglasses Beyond keeping track of your glasses, the company plans to release an API in 2015 to enable developers to set up different kinds of interactions. Examples cited include the Bluetooth sunglasses alerting friends when you are near.

Bluetooth sunglasses Losing is no fun, especially expensive ones. Wosports is aiming to prevent such tragedies with a range of Bluetooth sunglasses that allow you to track them should they go missing.

Sunglasses with bluetooth headset that allow tracking via smartphones are growing in number and like the The Blunt + Tile smart umbrella, the Wosports sunglasses have an inbuilt Bluetooth Low Energy module that works with a smartphone app to tell you how far they are away – which is great for those situations where the glasses aren't actually lost, but rather just misplaced somewhere in the home. Cleverly, solar cells on the Sunglasses with bluetooth headset are used to keep the wireless module charged.

Sunglasses with bluetooth headset the intra-cranial aural magic happens through the wonders of bone conduction technology. Small, soft speakers tucked into each lightweight, polymer arm of the Sunglasses with bluetooth headset (the parts that hug the sides of your head) let users listen to calls, tunes, videos and more from connected iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices through their skulls, hands-free and ear-free, too.