FAP Annoucements

Week of December 7th

5th Grade Social Health Class

The fifth graders will participate in a social health class on Tuesday, December 8th. Topics discussed will be puberty and the reproductive system. Girls will be in one room, boys will be in the other. Please email me if you DO NOT want your child to participate. I will send home paperwork for you to sign. If I do not hear from you I will assume that you are ok with your child attending.

Holidays around the World

We start our journey around the world next week! Each day we will learn about different holiday traditions around the world.

Please talk with your child about your holiday traditions so they can talk about those traditions at school.

Gleaners Food Bank and Cici's Pizza

We will go on our community outing to Gleaners Food Bank and Cici's Pizza on Thursday, December 10th. Please make sure that your student is dressed appropriately. Students need to wear tennis shoes and they may want to dress in layers. It can get cold in the building we are working in. We are so excited to help and serve others!

Helping our RSI Family

Just a reminder that $10 is due next Friday, December 11th for our community outing to Target and O'Charley's. If you can, a donation (of $5-10) would be greatly appreciated so we can purchase items for the family we adopted for the holidays.


Cold and flu season is upon us! We are dangerously low with our stash of kleenex. Any kleenex donations would be greatly appreciated!

Wheeler Mission

I am so proud of everyone's hard work at Wheeler Mission! We unloaded a van and bus full of donations that Riverside Intermediate students and staff donated. We were given a tour of Wheeler Mission which was nice.