Digital citizenship

Jarrett Dittmer Period 7 info tech.

Being online and the Impact YOU make.

When you get home what do you do...Most of us would probably check our Digital media meaning twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace. (Any form of online communication) Online you have a self image. What's your definition of "Self image"? Well according to google: "the idea one has of one's abilites, appearance and personality." But online appearance is what most people look like wheather that be by their profile picture or profile information.

How posting stuff online can hurt your future.

You might not think when you post most things but posting stuff can really affect your future and your current job so before you post you should think. Lots of colleges are now checking your facebook pages along with workplaces. So before you post make sure you think it over. It can affect you more than you think.

Digital Footprint & Reputation

and the Consequences.

What is a digital footprint and how this can hurt you.

What is a Digital Footprint? It's s a trail left by an entities online interactions. Every time you log on. You leave a digital footprint..Everything you delete, it can be found...Everything you post can be copied..
Privacy Student Intro Video - The Digital Footprint

Online Relationships and Communication

In life and online, there are things called double standards and image...Image refers to how you look online. Double standards are where, a rule or principle is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Online, girls get judged differently compared to guys. For example, girls will get called names for posting pictures exposing a lot of skin while guys wont for posting pictures of their abs.