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Sequoia High School Forestry/Chainsaw Team

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February 4-8, 2019

Peek at the Week

Monday: Late Start Monday PLC; SSOC Meeting; USAV meeting at GWHS; Tulare County Hispanic Leadership Network Meeting 4:30 pm.

Tuesday: ALA Student Review Meeting; Homeroom Rep Meeting; SILT.

Wednesday: Principal Leaders of Learners DO.

Thursday: School Site Council Meeting 3:30 pm.

Friday: Admin Meeting; VUSD Negotiation Meeting

John Calderon, SHS Alumni, getting his 101st Airborne Division parachute bars pinned by his mother.

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You have value. Those that we serve have value. The work we do has value.

Principal's Corner

This weekend I tried searching on Youtube for examples of PLC best practices. I came across some good examples, but nothing that really stood out. There was nothing strong that I could find coming from both comprehensive or alternative education programs that you all have not witnessed or done. I also searched for leaders in PLC's that I could contract with to help guide us to become the best collaboration school in our area. I came across some very good but expensive leaders out there. However, I still felt that some of the best work and practices that I have witnessed have come from our school, Sequoia High School. I believe that with commitment, persistence, and a strong value for our work brings out the best in each of our many collaborative groups. This week at our SILT meeting I will put forward a request. "How can we capture/document our collaborative work and best practice so that others, including us, can view and learn from a professional learning community within a continuation high school?" I would like for each PLC and collaborative to be creative in how they feel it be best to capture your best work. Sequoia High is a learning laboratory, and that has been very evident these past few weeks from our own district and other district requesting support from our experiences. We have value. The students that we serve have value. The work that we do has tremendous value.

This week we have key collaborative groups in play: PLC Late Start Monday, SILT, School Site Council, SSOC, and Admin Team.

Our TSI Award this past Friday was fun and inspirational. A huge thanks to XL, Mrs. Tarango, and Mrs. Fultz for working to get the shirts all done. the new logo size came out really well, plus it saves us time and material. To Mrs. C and Mrs. Escalante big thanks for getting all the awards set up as well to ASB and Eddie for the setting up of chairs. Teachers you all did well in presenting the Sequoia Strong Awards- it was a very proud moment. We also had more parents attend and we had our special guest, Mr. Macho Camacho Jr.

Congratulations to Roy and Eddie for receiving the Staff Strong Award. Good Job.

XL needs our ongoing support by spreading the word that we have the Lunch Time Learning Center in full operation each week Tuesday -Friday in room 22. Students can work on online classes, classwork, projects, portfolios, or to have a nice quiet place to chill and read.

We now have "Four" weeks left of this session. Continue to put the pressure on students. if students are not passing your class I urge you to reach out to those students, refer them to the Learning Center, notify the Homeroom teacher, inform the Academic Support Team, contact the parent/guardian, and you have the support of the social support team. If its an attendance issue let Kassandra know.

Excellent work by the STRONG team who presented last week at our Staff Development Meeting. The key task they facilitated where, Behavior Data, staff survey, groups discussions, and folks provided recommendations for on going growth.

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Macho Camacho Jr.

It was a thrill and great experience for Sequoia students. Many were boxing fans and all were captivated by his story. Mr. Camacho shared a bit of his personal history, growing up in the Bronx and then Florida with his mom while his father traveled the world as a professional boxer. He struggled to live in his father’s shadow for many years, even after making the 1996 Olympic team (training with Mayweather) and establishing a solid 58-7-1 professional boxing record. Now 39, he has written a children’s book honoring his father and recently reentered the ring to fight again.

Students prepared questions and asked Mr. Camacho about his boxing career, greatest personal challenges, and where he wants to go next. Throughout the session, he gave numerous examples of having to overcome fear and challenges in his life, despite the wealth and success brought by his career. We combined two classrooms in two sessions with about 50-60 students in each. You could hear a pin drop as he talked about his father’s death and how that inspired him to find a new sense of purpose. Please thank Mr. Guerrero again for arranging his visit.


Getting Ready for the Gold Shovels

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Getting Ready for the Gold Shovels

Quick updates: VUSD is setting a date for the official Sequoia High School Ground Breaking Ceremony. The contractor has been working with VUSD to order materials, supplies, and line up their sub-contractors. Turns out we need to move more contaminated soil, but we will still be able to start the build. I was told that in two weeks the project will be getting underway. I keep praying every night and rubbing my lucky rock.

Clutter Busting: Eddie and I have been downsizing the excess items/old materials that we no longer use or will need around the campus. (not humans)

Sequoia High School

Adolfo Reyes, Principal

Josiah Silva, Assistant Principal

Salud Cobarruvias, Counselor

Emily Ramirez, Lead Administrative Assistant

Kelly Wasnick, School Psychologist

Theb Manivanh, Social Worker

Adriana Cabrera, XL Director

Kellen Kennedy, Gang/Behavior Interventionist

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