Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, May 16

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Nine Days Left for Seniors!

Good Morning,

We are entering the final stretch for our Seniors with only 9 school days left! Let's remain vigilant, visible, and vocal in between classes as the weather has finally improved and students will take advantage of the sunshine!

Please remember to communicate with any Seniors who are failing or in danger of failing. Make sure you contact home as well.

If you teach an elective, your Senior exams with an answer key are due to me by the end of the day today, as per the Senior Closing Packet.

Please read through this week's updates and let me know if you have any questions.

Some appropriate tunes while you read:

George Harrison - Here comes the sun


To all the AP teachers (Ms. Angelo, Mr. Carr, Ms. Platte, Mr. Walker-Graham, and Ms. Williams) for helping our students prepare and celebrate the completion of their exams! From Ms. Angelo's ice cream party, to Ms. Williams's pre-test breakfast, and the countless reviews scheduled both during and outside of school time is admirable and inspiring. Well done to all of you!

Upcoming Dates

May 17-First Annual Senior College Signing Event (See AVID Message below for more details)

May19-Monthly Dept Meeting

May19-Senior Awards Night, 6pm in the Auditorium for anyone interested in attending

May 23-Government HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3A and 4A)

May 24-Biology HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3B and 4B)

May 25-Senior Exams (1A and 2A)

May 26-Senior Exams (1B and 2B) Last Day for Seniors

May 30-Memorial Day (Schools Closed)

May 31-Graduation

June-13-16-Final Exams Week

June 17-Last Day for Teachers

Gopher Flex Schedule

Monday 3B

Tuesday 4A

Wednesday 4B
Thursday 1A

Friday 1B

Things to Know

1. Stay on top of communication with failing or in danger of failing Seniors! Be sure to notify students and parents!

2. Senior Exams for electives with an answer key are due to me by the end of the day!

3. Ms. Berner has sent out appointment requests for the SLO post conferences. If you can not make the appointment time she sends to you, please make sure you send her possible reschedule dates and times in your response.

4. MOI is out! Make the supplies we have last, because anything additional will need to be purchased with your own funds. Scantrons have arrived!

5. Schedules and room assignments for next year are still pending approval-stay tuned!

Question for the Week

Discuss this with your content teams:

Looking forward to next year, how do you think we can improve the time that we use for content team meetings in order to allow for both ample time for data review and collaborative planning?


  1. WICOR Information

    Ideas to increase the “student engagement” within your classroom:

    a. 4 Corners b. Philosophical Chairs c. Socratic Seminars d. Minute Speeches e. Jigsaw reading with expert groups f. Collaborative study session

    Thinking ahead about review activities for finals?

    1. Write down topics on index cards, give groups of 4-5 students one index card each, set a timer for two minutes and ask students to share all they know about the topic. Other group members can then add extra information not shared if time is still left.

    2. Write down a different question for each poster paper. Give each group a different color marker. Set the timer and have groups rotate to each question recording one or two facts.

    3. Create a group challenge where groups get points for answering the question correctly, Try using a SMARTboard activity like Jeopardy, or quizlet, Padlet or old fashion paper and pencil. Give a reward to the group who has the most points at the end of the activity.

    4. Have students write a question about a topic they need to review. In groups of 4-5, have students work collaboratively on the questions, filling out an exit ticket on what they learned after the activity.

    *Have students go back into their resources and highlight any information they need to study based on their review performance.

    College and Career Information

    1. The parent fieldtrip to Goucher and UMBC was a success. Fifteen parents/guardians, myself, Quincy, and Mrs. Jacobo attended. It has hopefully become the first annual parent college trip!

    2. On Tuesday, May 17


    from 9:30-10:00, we will hold the first annual College Signing Day for seniors. So far, about 64 seniors attending a 4 year college/university next year have been invited. If you have planning during 2A, please consider attending the event to offer your congratulations (refer to list on page 2). It will be held in the cafeteria.

    3. 31 of 32 AVID seniors have received college acceptances. These hard working seniors have earned more than $9,000,000.00 combined in scholarship money from FAFSA, colleges, and private scholarships!

    School wide Refugee Outreach Event

    a. The school-wide outreach for creating Refugee Welcome kits has ended. If you still have a bin or items in your room, please email me.

    b. Lesley Beavers will be announcing the winning class very soon.

    GBHS Mission Statement Revision

    ****A rough draft of our new mission statement was submitted for approval this week, plans are being made to unveil it at our June faculty meeting.