An amazing fiord filled land area in New Zealand

Fiordland is a beautiful landscape covered in fiord's hence the name.

Fiordland is an amazing place in New Zealand that is found on the south-western corner of the South Island taking up most of the region Southland.
Fiordland is a breathtaking area in New Zealand that acommpanies a range of fiords. As an example in Fiordland there are fourteen amazing fiords that can rise up to two thousand metres high, and four hundred and eighty metres below sea level. Fiordland was once a glacial covered landscape, but thousands of years have carved great inlets into the land.

As a conclusion Fiordland is and amasing place full of fiords. I may reccomend the Doubtful Sound walks because it is th largest and longest Fiord.

Fiordland has a range of activities.

Recommended activities.

One activity I would personally recommend is the Milford Sound underwater Aquarium you will be able to see the underwater plants and fish in their natural habitat.

Some more things to do are: travel through deep caves lit by thousands of glow worms, go to Milford Sound and cruise, fly scenic and kayak, along with jet boating, mountain biking hunting, diving and four wheel driving