The Electric Lightbulb

Learn about Thomas Edison and his lightbulb discovery

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What inspired Thomas Edison to invent the electric lightbulb?

Thomas Edison was tired of the gas powered light and wanted to create a light that would be safe to go in houses.

How many times has Thomas Edison failed?

Thomas Edison failed to create the lightbulb 1,000 times.

What was Thomas Edison's biggest challenge?

Thomas Edison's biggest challenge was finding the right material for the filament and after many try's he figured out wool works better for the filament.

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What materials did Thomas Edison use to light the bulb?

Thomas Edison used 1,600 materials in all.

He used wires, wool to hold the filament, batteries and a bulb.

What happened after he got the lightbulb to work?

He continued to perfect his light bulb and got it to last Longer each time. He patented his lamp and electrical system. He continued to build on his invention and invented more and more things.