Reading Questions

When was you first memory of reading?

"My first memory was back when I first started school."

Name a book that you love and give a brief explanation of why you love it?

" I love the Maze Runner because it is action-packed?

What is a book that you've heard of, and might be interested in, but haven't read yet? What's intriguing about it?

" I would like to read the nazi hunter because I'd like to know more about history"

Writing Questions

If you can write a story about anything, what would it be?

" I would like to write a story that I could write anything about with no guidelines"

What is the most important advice that you would give to another author?

" I'd tell them to keep the story in their choice and not be forced to write something else."

What is the most meaningful thing someone has written to you?

" When my grandma wrote me a letter on the first day of elementary school wishing me luck"

If you had to become an animal for the rest of your life, what animal would you want to be? Why?

"I'd like to be a cheetah because they are one of the fastest animals alive."

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