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December 21, 2020

Dear Boone Community,

I hope this first day of winter finds you well. As we come to a close on yet another year, we can reflect on all that has changed in 2020. In so many ways, it was a painful year of loss that I know many are eager to put in the past. However, it has also brought about an even greater awareness of the inequities that exist among us, which has strengthened our resolve here to engage in courageous conversations and encourage each other to take action to make a positive difference.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to continue to lead this community as we head into 2021 and the hope of brighter days. May you find peace and joy in the many holidays and traditions being celebrated over the next couple of weeks! Take care of yourselves and each other, and please stay safe out there.

With gratitude,

Jackie Delaney, Principal

Meal Distribution

Boone is a meal distribution site over the Winter Break. Please see the graphic below for more details regarding shortened hours.
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2nd Quarter Progress Reports

Progress reports will be mailed by CPS to all families this week. We also encourage you to access your child's grades through the Parent Portal on a regular basis. If you need help with Parent Portal, please see directions in the "Repeat Reminders" section at the end of this newsletter.

Boonies Creating Art!

Please see the gallery below for some original artwork created by Boonies of all grade levels. Thank you to all students for sharing your work and your message!
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Design above by Ibrahim
Pandemic Song
Song above by Anayah
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Drawing above by Emily: "Thank you to all of the people helping others during these hard times."
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Drawing above by Maherah
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Drawing above by Marcus

Click the button above to be re-directed to a bulletin board with resources shared by community members.


Is there someone at Boone who you would like to recognize for their hard work, kindness, or other awesome quality? Please click here on the Boone Community Shout-Out form to take a moment to acknowledge that person. Your message may appear in the next post!

  • To Audrey DeHaan I would like to thank her as our student teacher. She was kind and patient with us. She’d help us even if there were 20 other students who needed help I would just like to say a special thanks to her for all the help she has given. (From Siti)
  • Mr.Mendez and Ms.Manrose a shout out Because they are awesome teachers they helped me alot throughout this school year.Their kindness is gonna stick on to me for life.I have learned alot from them.Thank You so much. (From Laiba)
  • I give shout-out to Ms.Plaza because she is an amazing teacher she helps kids out a lot even if she has a lot to do she make time for us. She help me when i need help. She do tutoring from 6:30 to 7:15 if we need help. She is a good teacher and in my eyes she deserve to get a shout-out because she is always there. (From Kayrhianna)
  • Shout out to all of 211--Thank you guys for being the best class ever! (From Jamielee)
  • To Mr. Lambert I want to thank Mr.Lambert for all he has done for me and my class. Mr.Lambert is a really nice teacher. He is patient and nice, and explains things nicely. He really makes sure we understand whatever we are learning and he is a really fun teacher to have. (from Faven)
  • Thank you to Ms. Janusz for all the help you give my daughter (mom of A.V.)
  • Shout out to Matuos for being a helpful friend this year (From Charbel)
  • I give a shout-out to Ms.Dougherty for always helping us and staying after school to help us. (From Eman)
  • To all teachers at Boone, Thank you for teaching even during covid-19. (From Nicoletta)
  • To all teachers and staff members at Boone, Thank you all so much for making us not feel less in remote learning. All though this year went rough you guys still gave us the ability to learn.Thank You. (From Kawsar)


CPS District-Wide Calendar 2020-2021

  • Dec 19-Jan 3 - NO SCHOOL, Winter Break
  • Jan 4 - Remote Learning resumes for all students PK-8
  • Jan 18 - NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Jan 19 - LSC Meeting, 4:00PM
  • Jan 19 - Parent/Community Meeting - Social Justice Standards, 4:30PM


GoCPS Application Process Extended to January 8, 2021

IMPORTANT info for families who live outside of Boone's attendance area or who may move outside of Boone's attendance area before next school year, and for current 8th graders looking to apply to specialty programs:

The Go CPS Application Period for the 2021-2022 school year is now open and will close on 1/8/2021. During this period, families can submit an application, select and rank programs and schools, and schedule any required admissions screenings, if applicable (i.e., admissions exams, auditions, information sessions, and interviews). Click here to access the GoCPS website.

  • Students who do not live within Boone's attendance area must apply through the Go CPS Process, this includes siblings.
  • Current PK students who do not live within Boone's attendance area but would like to enroll for Kindergarten for 2020-2021 must apply through the Go CPS Process.
  • 8th graders who are interested in applying to specialty programs must apply through the Go CPS Process.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal gives parents the ability to view students' grades in real time. If you are setting up your Parent Portal account for the first time, please visit the First Time Parent Portal Set-Up link. This is a one-time step and not necessary after every school year. Once you receive your email from Aspen to help set up your username and password, you can access Parent Portal at Aspen Parent Portal.

If you already have a Parent Portal account, but are running into technical issues (forgot password, locked out, etc), please email Boone's tech coordinator Patrick Chi ( so he can reset your account. Once your account is reset, you should receive an email from Aspen with further instructions. Additional information provided by the district can be found at this link.

How to Contact Office Staff or Administration

While Door 1 is under construction and temporarily unavailable, and there are limited staff at Boone due to COVID-19 closure, here are the ways you can contact office and/or administrative staff:

  • Leave a message with Security Officer Mr. Valencia outside at Door 2 near the food distribution, 8am-1pm daily Monday-Friday
  • Call main office and/or leave a phone message at 773-534-2160, option #0 (voicemail is checked daily)
  • Email one of our clerks: Claudia Ortiz - (English & Spanish), Shamiram Shahbaz - (English, Arabic, Assyrian)
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Images By: Kristin Heinichen

Daniel Boone Elementary School

A Chicago Public Schools Fine and Performing Arts Neighborhood School with a Magnet Cluster Program in West Rogers Park.

Boone Vision: Kindness, creativity, and an understanding of diverse perspectives will guide us as we intentionally engage in learning opportunities and take action to bring about positive change in our world.

Boone Mission: We actively seek to learn more about ourselves, others, and the world through the arts and through learning opportunities that respond to our identities and promote positive relationships. We rise up to advocate for ourselves and others so that everyone is valued and empowered.