Abortions should be Illegal


Lives are ending before they have even begun. Nowadays abortions have become such a huge deal and there is arguments back and forth why people are pro life and why others aren't.

The Abortion Pill

In 2005 four woman thinking nothing of it, taking a RU-486 pill also known as the abortion pill, not knowing that later on they would die from the “ abortion pill “ . Any type of abortion medication that anyone can just go and buy from their local store should be banned because they are not safe anything could happen and they could never for sure know how their body would react. It is a high risk that shouldn't be taken at all no matter what the situation. Before this drug was approved by the FDA there should have been more thorough testing done because these 4 women shouldn’t have died from a bacterial infection from the pill.
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Teens Shouldn't be allowed this type of treatment

Teens should not be able to go ahead and buy emergency contraception because at such a young age the teens wouldn’t know what the contraception could do to their bodies and their health. Today the age that these teens could walk into a store to purchase one of theses contraception is 15 years old. Even at the age of 15 these teens are still growing and developing me there's no telling what could happen to their bodies or health when these over the counter pills are consumed there's no telling what it could do to their growth.

Abortions Aren't Safe

In this article they are stating a mother isn't even the safest for the unborn child because most women nowadays that have un protective sex or that just aren't smart about their choices they go straight to getting an abortion or the morning after pill which is unsafe and not the right thing. Abortions in the united states give people outside the US the idea that we are horrible people especially the mothers because of the procedures that are done to a unwanted unborn child. It's safer in most cases for the mother to just carry the unborn baby to full term instead of terminating the pregnancy because not only is it killing a human being but it could be seriously dangerous to the mother during the procedure or within the recovery time. In the year 2011, two women died as a result of complications from known legal induced abortion. In the years starting at 1973-2010, 421 women have died as a result of legal abortion . The number of deaths due to legal induced abortion was highest before the 1980s.
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The roughly 46 million induced abortions each year, there are at least 19 million abortions performed in unsafe conditions by unskilled providers and result in the deaths of 68,000 girls and women. These deaths represent about 13 percent of all pregnancy-related deaths. Abortions are unsafe, unnatural, and inhuman. And needs to be safe there are records of it being unsafe from teens and women dying from the abortion pill or teens and women going to a clinic somewhere to have procedure done where they face risks of death or infections that later lead on to death.
A Twin Lives Through An Abortion

3 Things I have learned

  1. Don't wait last minute
  2. Abortion is wrong today and it will be wrong tomorrow
  3. Be smart and Safe

3 Things for class of 2017

  1. Don't be like me and wait the day before to finish a project
  2. GO TO SCHOOL, don't skip a lot
  3. Have fun enjoy your last year of high school make smart choices