Google Docs

Dakote Ramsey

What Can Google Docs Do

Google Docs is a software that can help and gives you many different applications that can make files used such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

3 Strengths Of Google Docs

1) Variety of information to share

2) Google Docs is available in many different types

3) Easy for communication

How Google Docs Could Be Used In The Future At LNHS

There are many different ways we can use Google Docs here and we already do but one way is documents, spreadsheets and, presentations.

Another way we can use Google Docs is the Apps that a teacher may want a student to have for something in there class room.

Example Of Google Doc

An example is a student is typing a draft out and can send it to there teacher so they can edit it and send the rough draft back for the student to fix the errors all from using Google Docs