Kelley Sheppard

Intuitive & Energy Healer

Put Your Energy Where Your Heart Is

My name is Kelley Sheppard. I have a million passions, but one of the biggest is to help people heal from within and provide hope, joy, answers, and new perspectives of life. When I am not engaged in Energy Healing, Readings, or Teaching Classes, I write and spend time with my beautiful family.

Energy Healing - I use a modality called Energy Emerging. This is a very powerful experience done for your highest good; an empowering session of love and light. I also may use Reiki, crystals, bells or singing bowls, to help heal, relax and empower you.

Readings - Our own internal compass NEVER fails us, but sometimes the ego, logical mind, or negative life experiences overpowers our hearts. We become confused and our spiritual compass spins out of control. A reading can help. I use Crystals and/or Cards, sometimes Runes. Kelley is a Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue.

Classes - I teach whatever classes Spirit guides me to teach. I am very thankful to Vision Quest for being such a great space to teach. Please watch for the latest classes on my website and at Vision Quest store.

Contact Information

In store most Tuesdays for walk-in readings and healing sessions. Other days by appointment. Phone/email readings and distance healing by appointment only.