Renaissance era

By:Oscar Flores

The change in the renaissance.

There were many changes in the renaissance era. The culture&politics were some. As a cultural movement it encompassed Latin & vernacular literature. As a political movement it developed the conventions of diplomacy.

This is a picture of the language they spoke. which is Latin.

Some of the people that affected the renaissance

It all started off with the Medici's. They were the family that changed the politics during the renaissance era. Then it was Leonard, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. They changed the art at the time.

This is Leonardo da vinci. He was a really famous artist at the time.

Impact on society

Before the Renaissance the pope had christian crusades on Muslims they won the first one but lost the other eight. The failed attempt to get back the "Holy Lands" and the Bu bionic plague resulted in a lose of influence for the church, but church was still a big part of peoples lives. People left feudalism in search of a better life. Because of this new social class was created "Merchants" or skilled workers.

This is a photo of the social structure during the renaissance period.