Jardly Valentin

You will never meet someone like me!

Who am I? What an intriguing question you ask, let me explain...

As you already must know, my name is Jardly Valentin and I am currently a Freshman here at UCF (majoring in Anthropology and Biomed)! I was originally born in Arecido, Puerto Rico. Although I was born there, my family moved to the city of Clermont here in Central Florida. For those of you who wonder where that actually is let me elaborate. I live 5-10 min down from Disney world and no it is not the Happiest place on Earth (Mind-blowing, right?!?!) Well back to the topic at hand, I love music, I played in band all four years of high school and I love going to concerts. I like experimenting with foods and creating new recipes and dishes which I mean it kind of hard now that I live on campus without a kitchen. I'm a very sociable person, so if you see me around don't think I don't want to talk to people, we are all here together on campus striving to be a One Knight Nation! So don't be afraid to look up and introduce yourself to me and others.

Sports and Video-games!!!!!!!!

This is how I spend most of my time now when I am now chugging down some caffeine while studying for class. Sports and Video-games are just a great way to relieve stress and pass the time. Some of my favorites sports are Soccer, Baseball, and Football. I am a Playstation fan (sorry no Xbox for me :) ) and some of my favorite games have to be the Assassins Creed Series, Grand Theft Auto V, and of course DESTINY!!!!!!! So if you like doing any of the above, just know we share some amazing hobbies.

Me in everyday Life:

I enjoy having fun!

I like having fun! That being said I will try to make anything I do fun is some way shape or form! Ingenuity is the key to fun, one must think outside the box to make the most fun out of it. This is where memories begin.

Why did I join Excel? How will this benefit me?

I was looking around different LLC communities and this one seemed to me like my best fit. It was a way to meet people with similar majors and achieve a better understanding of everything in the realm of Academia in general. Plus all the opportunities allow for a greater advancement in my classes giving me the edge to get to the top.