Industrial Revolution

By Augusto Espinosa

The Era of the Industrial Revolution

Once there were men, women, and children working. Now machines have taken place. But the people started working even harder. So hard that they worked sixty hours a week and only got three dollars. More and more immigrants started coming and taking over more jobs. Lots of people were poor and more machines were being built. A lot of things will change. this became to be known as the Industrial Revolution.

Inventors and their Impact on the World

there were lots of inventions and inventors. One of them was Alexander Graham Bell. He invented the telephone. It was used to communicate with someone from a long distance. You could send messages more quickly and you can contact family easily. some one like him was named Thomas Edison and he invented the electric light bulb. he wanted to provide light with electricity, so he did. Some effects were good like its cheaper access to light and you could stay up later to work. the first car was made by Henry Ford. its name was model T. he also used the assembly line to do mass production. It was more affordable and can travel faster.

Child labor and Bad Things About it.

Although a lot of machines were being built, more people were working harder. Especially children. they spent as much as time in the factory as adults do. the kids were poor and dirty. Some were so poor they didn't have shoes to wear to the factory. A girl named Addie Card was one of them. She worked long hours like anyone else and she had no shoes. She also had a sister. They weren't the only one's though. More and more immigrants came and starting taking over the jobs. The men, women, and children became even more poor. After Child Labor Laws less kids were working, but some still had to work. After a couple of years though children stopped working completely.
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The Assembly Line and What it Improved.

One of the things that Henry Ford used was the Assembly line. it made mass production and it was fast. Each person on the Assembly line has a certain job. That way people will just need to focus on one thing, getting their part done. More jobs popped up at this idea so they stuck with it. The Assembly line became more of a popular scenario with on demands items. We still use this even today.

Things That Still Exist Today

Some things we use or do still exist today. We still use the assembly line. Since we have more advanced technology, more machines have taken up some jobs that are too difficult for people. We also still use cars, they are just more fast and some are more expensive than others. There are other types of cars, too. we still use the telephone, only it's different. We use the light bulb every day for light. everything now is more advanced and we are trying to make more things like that. Maybe at one point everything will be advanced. Everything can change by just one little invention, mistake, or person.