Review of Unit 1 Lesson 1: Roots

What are Roots?

Trees have roots. So do words!

A root is the main part of the word that is not a whole word.

A root cannot stand on its own without prefixes and/or suffixes.

The two most common languages that roots come from are Greek and Latin.

What is a base word? How is it different from a root?

A base word is a whole word. (For example: agree)

I agree that English 2 can be difficult.

You can add beginnings which are called prefixes and and/or endings which are called suffixes to create new words. (For
example: add the prefix "dis" and you get the word
"disagree" which means you do NOT agree)

My friend and I disagree; he thinks English 2 is hard while I think it is easy and fun!

A base word like "agree" can stand alone as a word.
A root word like "tract" cannot
stand alone as a word. It must have a prefix or suffix.