Integumentary system

By Michaela Killeen,period 1.

The Three things that make up the integumentary system





1.Protects the head from sunburns,made up of dead cells,grows back. is actually a modified type of skin. Hair grows everywhere on the human body except the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and lips. Hair grows more quickly in summer than winter, and more slowly at night than during the day.

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Like hair, nails are a type of modified skin. Nails protect the sensitive tips of fingers and toes. Human nails are not necessary for living but they do provide support for the tips of the fingers and toes, protect them from injury, and aid in picking up small objects. Without them we'd have a hard time scratching an itch or untying a knot.
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Skin is our largest organ. If the skin of a typical 150 pound adult male were stretched out flat it would cover about 2 square yards and weigh about 9 pounds.Our skin protects the network of muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and everything else inside our bodies. Our eyelids have the thinnest skin, the soles of our feet the thickest.

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Integumentary system functions protects the body from sunburn

2.absorbs vitamin D

3.regulates body tempature

4.proctects it from diese

5.It is the function of the body

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Disease and injury

1.burns,A burn results when the skin is damaged by intense heat, radiation, electricity, or chemicals. The damage results in the death of skin cells, which can lead to a massive loss of fluid.

2.Scars,Most cuts or wounds, with the exception of ones that only scratch the surface (the epidermis), lead to scar formation. A scar is collagen-rich skin formed after the process of wound healing that differs from normal skin.Wear bandides

3.Basal Cell Carcinoma,is a form of cancer that affects the mitotically active stem cells in the stratum basale of the epidermis. It is the most common of all cancers that occur in the United States and is frequently found on the head, neck, arms, and back, which are areas that are most susceptible to long sun exposure.Stay out of the sun!

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