Foreign Exchange Program

Nevaeh suddarth

Where you and your "new" family will be staying.

  • You will be living in part of the Indus vally civilaization
  • Location is in southern Asia witch will be bordering the Arabain sea
  • Family's offten live close to the water
  • City's buliding offten go bright at night

religious ceremonies holy days and holidays

Religious Dress

Clothing.. A simple draped cloth attire for many Indians. The women wear a sari which is worn with a blouse underneath, with the material ranging from cotton to silk. Men generally wear a dhoti which can be worn full length or as pants depending on the region. In northern India western clothing has replaced that of the traditional for men, while women still wear saris or other Indian styles of dress. In rare cases women will wear slacks and blouses but that is generally among the elite.

Common food to eat and foods to avoid

Common foods...What Indians eat varies by were you live in India and religion. Northern Indians eat more flat breads, while those from southern India prefer rice. In coastal states, such as Kerala and Bengal, fish dishes are popular. Chicken and mutton witch is sheep.... are eaten more often in mountain and plains regions. While many Hindus avoid eating beef, Muslims avoid pork. particularly Hindus. Foods not to eat...have cow in India I a BIG NO. The cow is a sacred animal and is "holy" where they live.