Abraham's story comes back to life

read the event filled Life Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham's Big Day

Abraham was our hero in 1834 by opposing the spread of slavery to the territories.

Abraham also won the election to the Illinois. But later on in 1846 lincoln won the U.S election to the house of representatives. That is very good for that to happen.

The Assasination

Everyone knows how much Abraham lincoln helped. but even I am sad that he died. So I am going to tell you the terrible way that lincoln died. It was April ninth

at night time lincoln got assassinated by John booth in the back of his head.

lincoln's big day

So I might have told you that lincoln died right? Well before he died he

actually got a job down the mississippi river to new orleans in 1830.

So at least he had a job before he died am I right?

moving day

Before Abraham lincoln died he moved a lot but in 1836 he would teach

himself because his mom could not nor his dad could so he home schooled

himself how sad :(

That is all I am going to tell you about Abraham lincoln so bye.